Jul by TG

Making Money with Your Photography

As an amateur photographer, I am always looking for ways to make a few bucks with my work to help pay the bills.

The other day while looking for some possible ways of selling some of my work online in hopes of making some quick cash, I came across a very interesting post on a site called Blogstash.com. This blog is basically about showing people how to make money online.

This site had a list of stock photography sites that anyone can upload their photos and earn a few dollars whenever someone downloads and buys one of their pictures.

Now, I am not really interested in all the blogging for the sake of money making and all the other money making BS, but this particular post grabbed my attention because it listed all the sites where I could sell my photos.

The good thing about making some extra money this way, unlike making money with… say taking paid surveys with sites like SwagBucks (by the way here is a great SwagBucks review with lots of details as how to use it correctly) and blogging is that its passive income. Your one photograph can keep making you money over and over again. you just have to upload it once and it will keep selling.

So, I went through this list and after some research found the following sites to be the most trusted and most well-known stock photography sites that both profassinal and amateur photographers use to make some money with their work.

So, if you are like me and want to make some extra cash from your photos, here are a few sites where you can upload your photos and every time someone downloads one of your images, you get paid.






















If you know of any other sites where you can get paid for your photos, please feel free to share it with me by leaving a comment below and I will update the list accordingly. Thanks.

Aug by TG

Funny Raccoon

This has to be the cutest yet funniest picture I have ever taken. This raccoon was trying to get some left over bread that was left inside my grill, but my dog’s barking was kind of scaring him away. So he used the fence as his spy station, lol.

Cute Raccoon

Aug by TG

Frozen Rabbit

This little rabbit was sitting in front of my house for hours without moving. Finally I had to go out there to make sure he was alive and so i took this picture of him. Yes he was and still is alive as he lives in my front yard.


Aug by TG

Little Birdie

Hey all,

This is one of my favorite scene of nature verses man-made. i just love the way this bird is using the flower pot. It is really beautiful.


Aug by TG

The Spider In Front

Here is a close-up shot of the spider sitting right in front of my house!

Spider Photo

Jul by TG

Patio Chair Close Up

This is one of my favorite pictures taken with… wait for it… NOT a profassinal camera, but with the new iPad.
Its a close up view of our patio chair. Love the patterns! Continue reading →